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Liberia Monrovia House

Liberia Monrovia House, Liberia’s 1st new Luxury comunity,  near Red Light Market and Fendell campous of UL.  Being constructed under the SINLIB Real Estate Developers Inc./National Housing Authority (NHA) Project. 

President Sirleaf performed the ribbon cutting, the President expressed happiness over the project. President Sirleaf said the construction of the estate will address the lack of adequate of shelters for Liberians; something she said had been one of government’s challenges. 

There are currently 50 newly built Monrovia House in Monrovia Liberia.  8 houses built on 1 acra of land, everage 1/2  lot size, which is quite large.  Detached, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, running water, for sale only from $39,900 USD.

In Monrovia Liberia real estate market, these are the only new houses for sale and at such a low price.  Live a free, cozy life,   a very good investment. 


Payment options: 30% Downpayment preferable, negotiable.

1. Pay full price one time, get your deed right away.

2. Get bank financing.  About 30% cash (down payment)needed from you.

3. Get installments through us.  Minimum Reqirment: $5000 USD downpayment, you can  move in,  then pay $500 monthly.  Or we can work out a payment plan suitble for you.  You get your deed when you finish all your payment.  Pls note, there is interest charge, more downpayment, less interest to pay.

You can pay to our bank account or wire transfer.   

Contact Monrovia House, call: 

+86 1390 103 2889 (China)

1 416 857 6869 (Canada)



10 Responses to Monrovia House

  1. Beatrice Chie-Siryon says:

    I would like to be contacted by email to start the application process.

    Thanks for a job well done.

  2. Arthur S.Tenty says:

    I am interested and will like to be contacted on how to go about the application process.
    Thanks for this worthy investment in Liberia

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  4. Richard Banto says:

    Please send me detail I would like to view the houses and maybe consider buying one. But this great idea. I am currently in Harper, Maryland County but will be Monrovia this December.
    please reply to my email.


    I am interested and will like to own one of the house, good job thanks

  6. Hey I am interesting in purchasing one of your 3 bedroom housing , I live in the united Kingdom I am due back home at the end of June were I can view one of your properties and look forward to hearing from you. Regards Linda peacock

  7. Daniel Grewon says:

    I am interested and kindly sent me more information about the apllication process. I want to get one for my family in Monrovia.

    • admin says:

      The process/ Payment options:
      1. Pay full price one time, get 5% off.
      2. Get financing through us. You need to pay your down payment to get start. 30% or about $12,000 USD is preferable, but it can be as low as $5000. Then about $500 minimum monthly or you can choose different way to pay
      After pay your down payment, you can move in the house.
      We have bank account in USA, Canada, or Liberia, you can choose where to make payment.
      Documents can be signed over the email.
      We have a workers in Liberia to keep the place, but you can always call 1 416 857 6869 for assistance.
      You don’t need make appointment, there are security or staff always onsite.
      Pls let me know what you think.

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