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Liberia West Africa

Liberia west africa,  capital Monrovia is busiest port.  Monrovia is listed as the home port by between ten and fifteen percent of the world’s merchant shipping, registered in Liberia.  It’s Liberia’s largest city and its administrative, commercial and financial center.

Liberia Opportunity

Liberian abroad is coming home!

Monrovia House is good standard, like you live in North America!  Very Nice and Comfortable!

During the 1989-2003 civil war many Liberian and businesses left the country.  Now Liberia’s Rebuilding,  it’s the perfect time to reenter!  the economy has been growing modestly.

Monrovia Hotel Rate

Monrovia Liberia hotel rate is international standard or higher and its lack of hotel.  If you  buy these New Monrovia House and turn it into monrovia villas, resort or hotel, it will be a very profibable business.  Come to buy these Monrovia Home!  It’s Liberia’s first new luxury community.


Payment options:  negotiable.

1. Pay full price one time, get your deed right away and get a discount on price, buy cheaper!

2. Get installments through us.  Minimum Reqirment: $5000 USD downpayment, you can  move in,  then pay $500 monthly.  Or we can work out a payment plan suitble for you.  You get your deed when you finish all your payment.  Pls note, there is interest charge, more downpayment, less interest to pay.

You can pay to our bank account or wire transfer.

Contact Monrovia House, call:

+86 1390 103 2889 (China)

0888 106 409 (Liberia)


  1. Sarah Nyandibo

    Liberia is better than b4

  2. Emmanuel gborzeo

    Thank God for Liberia. I will be comeing few months from now to see if I can make down payment on some. I live in the US. can I get a number if I want to call?

  3. Could you please tell me how mine bed rooms in the housin unit

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