Liberia Monrovia House, New House From Only $39,900 USD

Liberia Monrovia House Living

Liberia Monrovia House

Liberia Monrovia House: Liberia’s 1st new luxury community,  free, cozy life, good investment, ready to move in!

Liberia Monrovia House constructed under the SINLIB Real Estate Developers Inc./National Housing Authority (NHA) Project.

Liberia Monrovia House is detached, newly built, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, hot shower, running water.  100 SM, 1/2 lot-1.5lot, For sale only from $39,900 USD  by builder.

Beautiful location near Redlight Market and the new Fendell campus of the University of Liberia, in Mt. Barclay Area.

You can Buy 1 Monrovia House for your own use, rent out or buy more As Monrovia Villas, hotel or Liberia resort.

Photo Story: The First Model Homes was dedicated by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  President Sirleaf said the construction of the estate will address the lack of adequate of shelters for Liberians.

Monrovia’ hotel rate is international stander or higher and its lack of Resort or hotel. Buy these Monrovia Houses for your own good.

Payment options:

1. Pay cash, get your deed right away and get a discount on price.

2. Lease to own.  Minimum Reqirment: $5000 USD downpayment, you can  move in,  then pay $500 monthly.  Or we can work out a payment plan suitble for you.  You get your deed when you finish all your payment.  Pls note, there is interest charge, more downpayment, less interest to pay.

You can pay to our bank account or wire transfer.

Contact Monrovia House, call:

+86 1390 103 2889 (China)

1 416 857 6869 (Canada)