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Liberia Monrovia House: Liberia’s 1st new luxury community,  free, cozy life, good investment, ready to move in!

Liberia Monrovia House constructed under the SINLIB Real Estate Developers Inc./National Housing Authority (NHA) Project.

Liberia Monrovia House is detached, newly built, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, hot shower, running water.  100 SM, 1/2 lot-1.5lot, For sale only from $39,900 USD  by builder.

Beautiful location near Redlight Market and the new Fendell campus of the University of Liberia, in Mt. Barclay Area.

You can Buy 1 Monrovia House for your own use, rent out or buy more As Monrovia Villas, hotel or Liberia resort.

The First Model Homes was dedicated by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  President Sirleaf said the construction of the estate will address the lack of adequate of shelters for Liberians.

Monrovia’ hotel rate is international standard or higher and its lack of Resort or hotel. Buy these Monrovia Houses for your own good.

Payment options:

1. Pay cash, get your deed right away and get a discount on price.

2. Lease to own.  Minimum Reqirment: $5000 USD downpayment, you can  move in,  then pay $500 monthly.  Or we can work out a payment plan suitble for you.  You get your deed when you finish all your payment.  Pls note, there is interest charge, more downpayment, less interest to pay.

You can pay to our bank account or wire transfer.

Contact Monrovia House, call:

+86 1390 103 2889 (China)

0888 106 409 (Liberia)


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  1. I need tow houses to buy.How can i have ur number

  2. Do you still have more of these home available?

  3. Are the units fullly furnished?

  4. Can I add extra futures to the outside of the house ie metal fence gates

  5. Call the # on the website.

  6. Yes, master bed room with bathroom.

  7. $500/monthly minimum. Yes, you can put wooding floor.

  8. do you have any of these houses still available? plz give me a telephone contact number to call you…
    are the same terms for purchase still available?…cash down and make Payments

  9. Is there a park, play ground or swimming poll in the community?

  10. Momo G. Kandakai

    I want to buy a house for my family in Monrovia. Is there a financing program for buyers?

  11. Thank you Samuel for your comment.
    After 30% payment, you can carry a balance to pay monthly or other arrangement.

  12. Very good. Is it possible to have a tour of the facility?

    • Yes, you can come anytime

      • What materials are composed of the house construction? Example: Concrete or brick walls or sidings; foam insulation, wood; brick mud with concrete plaster; zinc roof, plastic tiles, etc.


  13. What is the interest rate on the installmental payment,

  14. The price is unbelievable. I have spent almost $50,000.00 on my three bedroom house, which is still unfinish. I wish I have heard or seen this on TLC a year ago.


  15. Gloria Shalom

    Hi Sir/Madam
    How many bedrooms are there?

  16. Are the houses the same size? What is the square footage?

  17. Do you have a single house on a lot or half lot?


  19. Thanks for those beautiful houses,i think we Liberian at begining to realize that living comfortably is not only reserve for the west.I will like to know how will those houses be power,do buyers have to generate their own power or will they be connected to the national grid?I live in europe and is interested in buying one of those houses.

  20. Tommy T. Sharrow

    Please show more pictures of the property. Both inside and outside. The squad footage and explain other things like land size, water and electricity.


  21. This is a very decent idea. This is a great start, especially for most of us in foreign lands .
    Clearly, I am very impressed.

  22. Can one do a down payment and set up a payment plan from the US? Do you have an office in the US that can verify one’s status to make sure the legal aspect is fully observed? Do you have plans to expand the project so as to entice Liberians in the West to obtain some of these properties?

    I appreciate your endeavor!

  23. Honestly, I am very impressed and look forward to doing business with your firm.
    We need more of these kinds of ventures in Liberia. Thank God they are finally coming to fruition.

  24. Do you have a parking garage for vehicles ?

  25. Dinning table is next to kitchen, kitchen is open concept, but you can put partition after. There is short distance (if you call it hall way) between bedrooms. It’s very spacious coming in door. People told us the real house looks better than photos. You will know you make a good inverstment decision if you buy 1 of these houses.

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